Advanced VRF range

Johnson Controls has introduced its popular York YDS Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to the UK. The York YDS is now in its third generation and uses advanced digital scroll compressor technology. Previous generations have been available in mainland Europe since 2006. The range enables Johnson Controls to offer one of the most powerful VRF units to the HVAC industry.
Designed for a wide variety of commercial and residential air conditioning applications, the York YDS range offers a flexible design, easy installation and simple controls. The range is based on six outdoor condensing units, two single units rated at 10kW and 14kW respectively and four modular units with capacities ranging from 28kW to 45kW. By connecting four outdoor units together, a maximum of 180kW cooling capacity or 188kW heating capacity can be achieved.
There are more than 30 indoor models available, incorporating high wall units, cassettes, ducted fan coils, and convertible consoles. Up to 64 indoor units can be connected in one refrigerant circuit.
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