Advanced ventilation fans available from Anglo Nordic

Ventilation using ceramic heat exchanger technology to supply tempered fresh air

Surrey based heating and ventilation component suppliers Anglo Nordic offer the Tempero Eco Ceram, a new energy recovery fan unit incorporating ceramic heat exchanger technology and long life ball bearing motors. This controlled mechanical ventilation product offers single or multi use operation, wireless remote and CO2 control options, easy installation and maintenance, energy saving operation, low power consumption, automatic shutter, filters and thermal efficiency of up to 90%.

Blowing hot and cold

The Tempero Eco Ceram, designed and manufactured by Italian ventilation specialists O.Erre, works by the fan bringing exhaust air across a ceramic heat exchanger and then reversing the process heating or cooling incoming air. When heating a space, the warm air is recovered by the heat exchanger and transferred to the incoming fresh air. This process also works during hotter days when the air is cool inside the property, the cool air is recovered by the heat exchanger.

By extracting stale air and replacing it with fresh air on a constant basis, it not only helps prevent the buildup of harmful pollutants and contaminants such as smoke, but inhibits moisture building up as it would in poorly ventilated environments.

Air filtration and protection for the heat exchanger is provided by two dedicated G3 filters; one for air extraction, the other for intake. The highly efficient EC brushless motor provides near silent operation.

A ventilation solution such as the Tempero Eco Ceram offers a very cost effective way of providing clean and fresh air, and minimises moisture build up compared to the expense of providing structural changes to a property to improve matters.

Available in 2 different sizes with 100mm or 160mm wall duct, the unit could be installed using the space currently occupied by a basic extract fan situated on an outside wall.

Flexible options

The unit suits residential settings such as single room applications; featuring an automatic shutter, its simple, modern design blends in with the decor. The system can be used either on its own or linked with other units to give opposite and synchronised air flows; for a more far ranging ventilation arrangement, up to 16 units can be installed in sequence.

On the Active and Wireless variants, the Tempero Eco Ceram can be supplied with remote control units and control panels. Along with basic functions such as on/off, fan speed and airflow (intake or extraction), the remotes and control panels offer automatic settings where the unit, using sensor technology, will operate as and when required, such as when humidity or with the optional wireless version when CO2 reaches certain preset levels.

The main duct supplied with the product is adjustable to fit walls of varying sizes (from 250 to 400mm), with a maximum duct length of 3m, the unit is designed to be easily dissembled for cleaning or replacing the two anti-dust G3 filters, the heat exchanger, and for performing routine maintenance and inspection.

Impeccable credentials

O.Erre and Anglo Nordic make for a strong combination when meeting customers’ ventilation requirements; O.Erre have dedicated their business to “air movement” for over 60 years by providing various fan and ventilation options including axial and centrifugal types for residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Anglo Nordic have been in business since the late 1950s. From their base in Surrey, the company supply a full range of ventilation fans, components and accessories to residential, commercial and industrial customers along with providing heating equipment, components and solutions to manufacturers, stockists and distributors in the heating oil and gas sectors.

All products are available for same-day despatch and accounts can be opened within the hour.

For your copy of their product catalogue please email or call +44 (0) 208 979 0988 or visit

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