Advanced technology from TA

Tour & Andersson has developed a radical new chemical-free method assisting in the prevention of the lethal Legionella bacteria growing in hot and cold water systems.
TA-Aqua+ has been independently tested and proven to remove all micro-organisms including the Legionella bacteria from both hot and cold water systems using revolutionary patented Advanced Oxidation Technology (AOT).

TA-Aqua+ has been designed and developed for specification in purpose-built heating and cooling systems such as cooling towers, humidifiers and domestic water systems. It forms part of a range of products and technical support services from TA that can help the specifier comply with a client’s legal duty of care obligations.

Specifically for use in well-designed water systems, TA-Aqua+ is constructed of a titanium tube unit and quartz lightsource that is available in two sizes. TA-Aqua+ 160 (handles up to 25 cubic metres of water per hour) or TA-Aqua+ 15 (handles flows of 5 cubic metres per hour) can be specified depending on the flow rate within the system. Both units have very low energy consumption, at 180 watts and 15 watts respectively.

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