Advanced heat pump

The world’s most advanced heat pump, drawing on inexhaustible natural energy from the air surrounding it has been launched by Rotex, market leaders in green heating systems. The revolutionary Heat Pump Solar Unit (HPSU) hitemp represents the latest in technological advancement – promising to halve energy bills.

Providing a free energy source to warm your home, the state-of-the art HPSU absorbs heat directly from the ambient air with maximum efficiency into a refrigerant via an external unit. In doing so, it can achieve a flow temperature of up to 80 degrees with use of compressor power only, unlike other heat pumps which use back up electric boilers to raise the heating temperature to higher levels. This feeds into an internal unit, which finally transfers the heat into a hygienic storage tank linked to the heating and hot water system.

This innovative, high-efficiency heating technology sets an unbeatable new standard in the field of air/water heat pumps. In harnessing free environmental energy direct from the sunlight and air, the HPSU firmly establishes a new benchmark for green heating.

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