Advanced flat plate collector

Vaillant has introduced its new auroTHERM plus VFK 990 flat plate collector, which has a special anti-reflex coated toughened 4mm thick glass.  The collector consists of an ultrasonically welded copper grid with a high selective absorber coating and 60mm rear and side insulation.  The whole assembly is encased in a polished aluminium frame for a neat construction.  Panels can be connected in series in horizontal or vertical orientation to suit the available roof space. 
Fitting the collector is simple, using a range of mounting brackets for a pitched roof or even integrating it into the roof of a property for improved aesthetics.  The auroTHERM plus VFK 990 is also highly durable and offers maximum solar gain.
Vaillant’s highly efficient flat plate collectors have been designed to give maximum energy absorption, and are highly versatile for a range of applications.  As the panels absorb diffused light, as well as direct sunlight, they will even gain some solar energy on cloudy days.  Multiple panels can easily be fitted together as required for larger systems.

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