ADCAS works to resolve anomalies for ductwork in Part L

Analysis by the Association of Ductwork Contractors and Allied Services (ADCAS) has resulted in the resolution of conflicting requirements between Part L (2013) of the Building Regulation and guidance in DW143 guidance for ductwork specification.

ADCAS President, Malcolm Moss says: “This is the sort of work that we feel the Association is best placed to do for its members. By working with DCLG, B&ES, BRE and others we have ensured that the legislation in this important area has been clarified.”

ADCAS worked with the B&ES Ductwork Group to bring this anomaly to the attention of DCLG during the final stages of work on Part L. Before the change was made, requirements under Part L for testing of ductwork did not match those in the industry guidance. By offering its expertise to the appropriate government department, ADCAS has helped to shape the new legislation so that its members, and the wider industry, can more easily meet legal requirements and follow industry best-practice.

Working with other groups in its sector has been an important part of ADCAS’ work: “As part of the close relationship with the B&ES Ductwork Group, ADCAS has also been able to feed back comments on the new version of DW144 to be launched in 2014, with the opportunity given to all members to input,” says Moss.

ADCAS has been building on its work with other associations, in a joint event with the B&ES Ductwork Group which took place on 31 October in London. The conference brought the industry together to learn about developments in Building Information Modelling (BIM), Part L and the Construction Products Regulation.

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