Activate & monitor

GM Techtronics has launched their latest generation of Dial2Open model, which enables users to access, activate and monitor unattended residential, corporate and industrial properties by remote control.

The Company’s new Dial2Open WT-009, is based on GSM transceiver technology and  provides two relay outputs and one monitor input which enables users to activate and monitor  gates, doors, barriers, lights, pumps, heating & ventilating systems by Caller ID of up to 99 telephone numbers,  and PIN controlled SMS messages.

The relays can be programmed to be toggling ON/OFF or momentary action with adjustable time delay. A major feature of the new range is the addition of a time clock which enables up to eight automatic timed operations of the relays during a 24 hour period

In addition, the performance of production processes and other key equipment can be monitored and subsequently, alert text messages sent to pre-determined mobile phones in the event of, for example, floods, freezer breakdowns etc. The monitor input as well as responding to single changes of state can also be programmed to send an SMS alert signal after counting many hundreds of input pulses.

Tel:  0844 824 6690.  

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