Acoustic flexible ducting

Now available from Lindab Ventilation is a range of Acoustic Flexible Ducting, which combines noise reduction capability with the proven advantages of the company’s Tecflex concept.
The latest Tecsonic range has been designed to meet the growing demand for lower noise levels in the working environment and the ultra quiet conditions required by theatres, libraries, law courts etc.
The acoustic flexible ducting will be available in two types – Tecsonic and Tecsonic S. Both are tough yet highly flexible and will permit bends of half D radius to be formed. They offer a safe and extremely cost efficient method of distributing air from the main duct to VAV boxes, air terminal devices etc, while, at the same time, significantly reducing duct-borne noise.
Standard Tecsonic acoustic flexible ducting comprises an inner core constructed from multi-ply, aluminium polyester laminate, supported by an encapsulated, high tensile steel wire helix at 35mm pitch. This tough, flexible core features regular, closely spaced micro-perforations, which enhance the acoustic performance of the ducting, while virtually eliminating any possibility of fibre migration into the air stream.
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