Achieving the best Swimming Pool Ventilation System

Notoriously the air in an indoor pool room is usually stale or high in humidity. Walls and windows streaming with condensation in the winter leading to decay and damage to the building or discomfort to the swimmers and visitors – we’ve all experienced it but it doesn’t have to be that way with a proper ventilation system.

Heat recovery air handling units can provide fresh air, but they usually fail to control the humidity at all times of the year and therefore waste energy in doing so.

De-humidifiers can remove moisture and return the warm condensate to the pool, but they create stale, smelly air.

The Solution is Neatafan’s Swimming Pool Ventilation System that provides:

  • The ideal fresh air conditions
  • Optimised energy use recovering 90% of the thermal heat with from the extract air
  • A unique control system that can add further heat if required and proportions the airflow based on return air temperature & humidity
  • An airflow rate between 1000 to 10,000 m3/hr

In the winter, our system requires only a small amount of fresh air to balance the pool air conditions. The controller slows the fans as required and this results in minimal energy loss. In the spring and autumn, more air will flow and in the summer the pool will feel like it is outdoors.

The equipment comprises of an AHU on an outside wall with supply and extract ducts coming through the wall into silencers. One duct will be at high level and the other distributing air across the pool above head height.

The ductwork would be powder coated galvanized steel and the heat exchanger fins poly coated for long life.

UV sterilisation can also be provided to keep the condensate drain and the AHU floor free of bacterial growth. We only use high specification ePM1 filters in the supply airstream, and long-life low energy EC/DC motors with backward curved centrifugal fans.

Neatafan can manufacture ventilation equipment for specialised and unique projects. Speak to our technical team by contacting or call 01489 783783.

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