ABB reduce delivery times

ABB is dramatically reducing the time it takes to specify and assemble mains distribution boards, with the launch of its Triline-R enclosure range. With availability to the complete ABB product range, Triline-R will reduce delivery times down to 7 to 15 working days.
With most components pre-installed, the Triline-R enables panelbuilders to realistically deliver a mains board to their customer within just a few weeks after ordering it from ABB. Currently, a panelbuilder will specify a board based on their customer’s requirements, the manufacturer then builds the board from scratch and provides the necessary components. The panelbuilder will then often further customise the product for their customer and deliver and install it. In all, this process can take up to 10 weeks.

Designed to reduce the process of configuring the board, ABB has also produced the Panel Design Configurator (PDC) software tool, to enable panelbuilders to configure a board themselves. Available free to panelbuilders from ABB, it includes a parts list, circuit diagrams and a graphical representation of the front view of the distribution board.

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