A world first

Instant Axess is a unique system which provides users with a single web page control of hundreds or thousands of doors spread over hundreds or thousands of sites. The controllers which are fitted to each site are inexpensive and plug straight into the internet via an ethernet router. There is no requirement to have a PC running Windows and an Access Control database application on site.
This system therefore significantly improves the utility of access control whilst reducing the install cost dramatically.

Many big end users with a large number of sites including several local councils in England and English Heritage have expressed great interest and ordered systems for test sites. The Instant Axess controllers provide industry standard Wiegand reader interfaces which are found in many existing installations.

The system is managed using a normal browser from a single web page. Doors are put together into groups and given a time profile, tag holders are then associated with these groups which gives them access through groups of doors within a time window.

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