A window on the BMS world

A new service introduced by building services specialists Mitton is set to provide facilities and estate managers with a unique remote insight into the day to day operations of plant and equipment, opening up new opportunities to identify potential for improved energy management.

The ability to monitor and manage sites remotely has long been of benefit for maintenance purposes, both to Mitton and to the company’s customers nationwide. Investment in new techniques and new software known as BMS-eye has enabled Mitton to further extend the scope of existing building management systems, allowing customers to log into their own BMS and identify alarms and overrides which might lead to energy wastage. 

Accessible via a browser, Mitton’s BMS-eye gives managers a window into the BMS world, providing a clear and easily understood overview of the estates for which they are responsible, without modifying or changing set points and software. The system works effectively with most commercially available BMS offerings and is fully configurable to user requirements.

“BMS-eye is enabling us to provide a totally open approach to demonstrate the efficiency of our bureau services,” stated Ian Barraclough for Mitton Environmental Services. “The system allows estate managers to see exactly what is happening on site and to check that plant is performing as it should.”

Mitton’s BMS-eye can also link in to monitoring and metering functions, and can be customised to give relevant information and reports required by individual customers and specific processes.

“As more and more organisations recognise the benefits and move towards carbon reduction, we are investing to demonstrate our active commitment to identifying ways to reduce energy consumption,” said Ian. “BMS-eye provides a useful way for customers to play a part in this process.”

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