A UK first for Hager

Hager has launched a dual supply, digital link marshalling box in its klik.system range to eliminate doubling up on equipment and time when the installation needs two independent supplies.

It is ideal for projects such as hospitals that have essential and non-essential supplies for lighting circuits, since both can still be controlled by the same occupancy sensor.

Stephen York, Product Manager for klik.systems says:  “There are a number of projects that need dual supply especially in critical applications. Before developing this system, the only solution was to install different marshalling boxes and sensors for the essential and non-essential services leading to extra expense and installation time.”

The new marshalling box is double sided with each side having an independent supply. A digital occupancy sensor connected to either side will control all of the ballasts plugged into the marshalling box.

If either supply is lost, the luminaires on the other side will remain on. For essential and non-essential supply, the occupancy sensor should be connected to the essential side of the unit.


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