A step into the future

Ferroli is taking a further step towards reducing CO2 emissions and increasing plant room flexibility with its new Econcept Band A commercial wall hung condensing boilers. The existing 100kW floor standing and 35kW or 50kW wall hung models are now joined by new 80kW and 125kW wall mounted models, which may be installed individually or in banks (modular configuration) for higher output.
This expanded range gives specifiers and installers an even greater choice for heating systems in schools, offices and other commercial premises and provides an ideal solution for radiators and underfloor heating applications.

In developing the new Econcept 80A and 125A gas-fired boilers Ferroli has achieved a space saving design without compromising performance. A micro-flame premix burner ensures even heat distribution and maximum combustion efficiency by accurately mixing gas and air prior to combustion. This produces a perfect flame and drastically reduces emissions, especially CO2. The boiler’s proven aluminium heat exchanger is designed to ensure maximum condensation and to maintain highest performance (up to 109%) through the longest operating life.

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