A simple check is all you need

Mitsubishi Electric has issued a reminder of the value of regular check ups for heating and cooling systems to ensure that they do not waste money or energy and perform well throughout the coming winter months.
In order to maximise efficiency of performance and ensure that staff stay warm or cool, whatever the British weather produces, Mitsubishi Electric is calling on all facility managers and operators of air conditioning to check and see that installed systems are set to work to their optimum running performance.
Philip Ord, Mitsubishi Electric’s City Multi Product Marketing Manager says: “It may sound obvious, but it’s incredible how many people don’t think about how their air conditioning system is performing until they hit a problem.
“People wouldn’t dream of driving their cars for thousands of miles without regular visits to the garage to make sure that the cars are performing well and an air conditioning system is exactly the same.
“Filters that are clogged in air handling units result in the system’s performance being reduced and energy wasted.  Vents blocked by accident or on purpose can also reduce the performance of the system.” 
Regular check ups for systems, just like for people, help you get the most out of your air conditioning and ensure that you save energy and money. Systems maintained in accordance with manufacturers’ preferred standards will run better, cost less in energy and reduce problems associated with disputes between hot and cold staff.

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