A redesigned line

TSI Instruments has announced a newly redesigned line of Airflow Instruments for ventilation test, including the new TA460. This Thermal Anemometer is a multi-function instrument that accurately measures air velocity, air flow, temperature, humidity, and pressure simultaneously, and displays the five parameters on the large graphic display.
Adding parameters is easy with the optional plug-in probes available, such as CO2 and rotating vanes, enhancing your measurement capability with one instrument.

The Airflow Instruments TA460 is wireless Bluetooth enabled for onsite printing to an optional portable printer. For easy data logging, recall, review and downloading for documentation, the LogDat2 software is included. Certificates of calibration are included with every meter.

Airflow Instruments products are accurate, high-quality, professional-grade instruments used by a wide range of customers including building service contractors, commissioning specialists, facility engineers, and research professionals.

Airflow Instruments is celebrating 50 years of instrument innovation and recently became a part of TSI Incorporated which is headquartered in Shoreview, Minnesota USA.

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