A potential lifesaver

Statistics show that there have been more than 40 deaths from Carbon Monoxide poisoning caused by gas fires in the UK over the last twelve years. 
The Hydroflame from Smith’s Environmental Products, as with all Smith’s fan convectors, works by connection to the central heating system, therefore offering a much safer alternative to gas fires which may produce or leak harmful CO gases. The installation of Smith’s Hydroflame in place of traditional gas fires could, potentially, be a lifesaver.
Recently redeveloped, the flagship product is now fitted with thermostatic control, in accordance with building regulations – the Hydroflame switches itself off when it reaches the maximum temperature dictated by the thermostat The flame effect is created using an energy saving lightbulb and specially developed ribbons moved by circulating air, giving the impression of a real fire – there are no live flames, no gas or hot coals and, for increased safety, Hydroflame has a low surface temperature.  Additionally, following customer demand, Smith’s has redesigned Hydroflame so that the ambient flame effect can now function independently to heat emitting.
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