A new solution

The new Defensor PH15 from Axair Climate is an evaporative humidifier, designed to deliver precise control of relative humidity with minimum energy consumption, while also using innovative filters to remove dust and odours from the air. It is ideal for museums, galleries and living spaces where the quality of the indoor environment is particularly important.

The ingenious design of the unit employs a short water course with minimum contact between the water and internal surfaces. This minimises formation of limescale in hard water areas as well as reducing maintenance requirements.

The PH15 is very easy to use and can be used with a 20 litre trolley water tank or connected to the water mains (model PH15A) using the Aquastopp system to prevent any water damage.

An integral humidity sensor in the unit provides precise control of humidity, while the in-built timer enables humidity control to be programmed to certain times. If preferred, the unit can be linked to an optional, external wire-free humidity sensor. Up to four PH15 units can be controlled from a single sensor.

Two filtration systems are available which can be changed to suit the requirements of different seasons.

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