A low temperature solution

Research commissioned by Purmo and conducted by the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT), has shown that radiators are still one of the most energy efficient heat emitters available, even at lower system temperatures.

The study looked at both new build and refurbished properties, concluding that in both circumstances, radiators start to perform efficiently as soon as the temperature of the water in the system exceeds the temperature in the space to be warmed, even when using temperatures much lower than in traditional heating systems. At lower temperatures, the research concluded that radiators are highly efficient and use far less energy.

It was also noted that radiators sited against well insulated outside walls lose less than 1% of their annual heat across the year, which, with energy prices rising once more, is reassuring news for consumers. The fast reaction times of radiators compared with some other methodologies also means that they can adapt quickly to the needs and lifestyles of each dwelling’s occupants, minimising fuel costs and helping to keep energy bills down.

The research followed models which have proved themselves over two decades in Scandinavia, where low temperature heating systems are already widely used, despite its relatively cold climates.

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