A low energy treatment

Now that the revisions to Part L have taken effect there is an understanding of the direction in which the industry is moving
The opportunity therefore existed for a fan coil approach with energy use approaching the chilled beam and with similar or better whole life costs. Quartz has therefore developed an energy saving option, LoCO2, for their standard fan coil ranges that offer such features.
The main areas for energy saving are in the use of higher temperature water for cooling (enables free cooling and high chiller efficiency), lower water temperature for heating (enables the use of condensing boilers or heat pumps) and reduction in the use of energy for air movement. The LoCO2 option enables all of these areas to be addressed.
LoCO2 has a separate coil for heating designed to maintain typical heating duties whilst utilising low temperature water (typically 50/30°C) and a specialist cooling coil that will maintain cooling duties when operating with (relatively) high temperature cooling water (12/16°C). In addition, the fan coils are fitted with EC/DC motors that should be operated with the Quartz suggested strategy that modulates the fan speed with respect to occupancy thereby reducing energy use.

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