A hot new look

Smith’s Environmental Products has redeveloped its flagship product, the HydroFlame. The changes came mainly in response to Building Regulations, which specify that thermostats must now be situated in the same room as the appliance they control – the Hydroflame is now fitted with thermostatic control.
Hydroflame, as with all Smith’s fan convectors, works by connection to the central heating system, therefore offering a much safer alternative to gas fires which may produce harmful CO gases. Dual models also feature an electric heating element, enabling it to function should the central heating system be switched off.

A larger diameter fan has been introduced to increase efficiency as well as reduce noise levels in Hydroflame, both of which are advantageous and desirable by the end user.

A flame effect, created using an energy saving lightbulb and specially developed ribbons moved by circulating air, give the impression of a real fire – there are no live flames or hot coals and, for increased safety, Hydroflame has a low surface temperature.

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