A fresh take on ventilation

LG’s answer to the need and demand for an efficient and energy-saving product to counter poor indoor air quality is the Eco V heat recovery ventilator.

It saves energy in air conditioned buildings, while dramatically improving indoor air quality, with a washable particle collection filter efficiency of 80% meaning that it can trap particles smaller than tobacco smoke.

Indoor air quality is a high priority for hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs and other public amenities, and the LG Eco V heat recovery ventilator can ensure that buildings meet minimum air quality requirements.

In addition, the LG Eco V features the use of external static pressure control and phased control of the motor allowing much reduced commissioning time and greater flexibility in ductwork installation.

The LG Eco V saves energy in two ways: firstly, by using the energy within the expelled air and transferring this energy to the incoming air via a high efficiency enthalpy heat exchanger; and secondly, by increasing the effectiveness of an air conditioning system by helping to reduce the overall load.

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