A fresh approach to learning

A new school designed to enhance learning and performance is bringing a fresh approach to education in Derby with help from Passivent.

The £8million Village Primary School in Normanton replaces three others in the area and brings educational unity through a single environment for up to 600 children aged from 4-11, with an additional 75 part-time nursery children in one, environmentally-friendly building. In line with Derby City Council’s policy of optimising sustainability, the new establishment incorporates innovative design features such as a biomass boiler, rainwater recycling and Passivent natural ventilation.

Passivent has supplied 95 Aircool window ventilator units, seven roof-mounted Airscoop units and three Airstract terminals, all linked to a temperature and CO2 control panel, to maintain effective ventilation throughout the school building.

The high level Aircool units, which form part of the window, draw fresh air into the classrooms. Low pressure acoustic transfer grilles at the back of each room ensure the fresh air circulates across the teaching spaces, out into the corridor beyond, with the now used, warm air being extracted out of the building by additional Aircool units above the corridor. The same principles are applied in the reception and nursery areas, with extraction being achieved using the Airstract terminals on the roof (in essence, chimney stacks).

In the larger reception area, library/ICT suite, dance studio and dining hall, Passivent’s award-winning roof-mounted Airscoop units simultaneously draws fresh air into the space below and extract the used air.

Ventilation flow is controlled via a central panel, which monitors air temperature and CO2 levels within each zone and opens or closes the ventilation louvres in the Aircool, Airstract and Airscoop units to adjust airflow as required, to maintain airflow rates as designated by the DCSF to achieve a comfortable ambient temperature within. The only elements of the entire system to use any electricity are the control panel, and the louvres, the latter drawing energy only when opening or closing.

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