A first for Smedegaard

Bampton school in Devon is one of the first customers in the UK to use Smedegaard’s energy-saving IsoBar SimFlex which was launched to excellent reviews in 2007.
Heat Radiation of Taunton was looking for a pump that offered energy savings, was easy to operate and reasonably priced. The IsoBar SimFlex fitted the bill perfectly, being simple to install and flexible in operation and everyone is delighted with the performance.
The project manager for Heat Radiations commented: “Finding a variable speed pump that gives such simple installation and operation and comes complete with BMS interlock volt free contacts, simplified our installation. On these pumps you simply rotate a blue control knob on the pump and variable speed is set up. Our fitters did not need to take a day to read the set up instructions normally found with inverter control heating pumps.”
When installed in a system fitted with thermostatic radiator valves and operating in the self-regulating mode, the pumps will automatically vary the speed and power consumption to meet the system requirements. This economical performance can give savings of between 40% and 60% of the energy consumption compared with a standard non self-regulating pump.
“We are very excited about this new design” said Smedegaard UK’s General Manager Chris Barrett. “Automatic variable-speed pumps can be expensive, but our own IsoBar SimFlex is extremely reasonably priced. It’s the absolute simplicity of the system that makes it so attractive for the building services pump market and these are the reasons it was selected for Bampton school”
The pump is ideal for use in domestic or commercial heating systems with thermostatic radiator valves. With stainless steel internal parts, carbon bearings and a new plug in electrical connector Smedegaard are confident that the new IsoBar SimFlex will quickly outstrip sales of older, higher energy-use models. The model can easily replace an existing three or four-speed glandless circulator regardless of make up to 80mm at a price level similar to that of a standard non self-regulating pump. Also available in bronze for use with potable water the IsoBar SimFlex is now being made available to countries throughout Europe.

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