A first for France

More and more supermarkets in France not only offer modern convenience and perfect service to their customers, they are environmentally-friendly as well. Thanks to Johnson Controls’ ECONEO integrated solution, these supermarkets reduce their energy consumption and operating costs, which in turn brings benefits to its customers.

The Intermarché in Sens was the first supermarket to install ECONEO. Owner Didier Poirot was persuaded by the sustainable approach of ECONEO right from the outset: ”We explicitly decided to use technologies that would protect the environment when building the supermarket. Our main objective was to keep energy consumption down to a minimum. ECONEO integrates heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems and runs the entire store’s lighting, enabling us to achieve maximum energy efficiency. We hope to reduce energy consumption by 30%.”

Laurent Bonati, commercial director cold foods at Johnson Controls Centre, explains the benefits of ECONEO: ”The system’s components have proven both their efficiency and reliability in supermarkets. We adapt the ECONEO integrated solution to our customers’ needs and wishes. We’re able to put forward and develop tailor-made solutions for large-scale installations.”

The ECONEO integrated solution at the Intermarché in Sens comprises a negative cooling plant using CO2 as a natural refrigerant. Moreover, the heat produced by the refrigeration system is recovered in order to heat the store. The energy released by the system heats a 3,000 litre water tank, which supplies the heating system. In addition to providing an energy-efficient solution, the use of CO2 as a refrigerant fluid is also highly environmentally-friendly. When CO2 is recovered, its direct impact on greenhouse gases is up to 3,800 times less than some conventional HFC-type fluids.”

Comfort corridors ensure that it is not too cold between the food displays. The corridors raise the temperature between two refrigerated areas by several degrees. Compressors fitted with variable speed drives also help improve the store’s energy efficiency and extend the working-life of the equipment.

ECONEO also manages the building’s lighting system. A timer makes sure lights are switched on to assist back-store areas before the supermarket opens its doors. A floating high-pressure/low-pressure system (HP/LP) ensures the optimal use of the refrigeration plant, thereby avoiding starting up the compressors unnecessarily.

With Johnson Controls MFOOD refrigeration system, temperature is continuously monitored and adjusted when necessary. MFOOD also controls food safety at the supermarket.

Performance monitoring is also possible with ECONEO. Johnson Controls regularly reviews the energy consumption, advises the customer accordingly and makes adjustments to fine-tune the plant.

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