A cool solution

BLP UK is leading the way in providing an environmental approach to cooling by installing Breezair Evaporative Cooling from Seeley International (Europe) into a production line.
Specified and installed by leading industrial heating and cooling company, Air Plants, the Breezair cooler has provided BLP UK with a cost effective and efficient cooling system which has dramatically improved the overall thermal comfort for its staff.

BLP UK is one of the largest bespoke volume manufacturers of vinyl pressed kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinet doors in the world. The doors are manufactured using a vinyl membrane foil, which is heated to the required temperature in order to facilitate cutting. In summer BLP’s cutting area became unbearably hot due to limited ventilation and the heat given off from the timber material. This resulted in temperatures within the area exceeding the ambient temperature of 23?C by up to 15?C, which caused great discomfort to staff.

Following a site survey of the area by an Air Plants engineer it was suggested that instead of trying to cool the whole area a single Breezair cooler would provide sufficient capacity to spot cool the operators. The Breezair cooler has now been installed onto the sidewall of the building, venting cool air into the cutting area, providing operators with a much cooler working environment and the benefit of humidified air, which gives a fresh feeling in what is otherwise an oppressive environment.

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