A cleaner look for website

Space Airconditioning plc, the UK’s only independent Daikin distributor, has re-launched the home of Daikin Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems. The website redesign will help the residential consumers relate the domestic branding with Space Air Solutions, a subsidiary of Space Air plc.

The site has a cleaner more modern outlook and contains a wealth of information on Daikin’s heat recovery ventilation VAM units but also why ventilation is necessary, and details on the Part F building regulations.

Mark Houghton, Commercial Director of Space Air Solutions commented: “The new look web site is a concise overview of the problem and the solution. The site shows the visitor that Space Air has been the one stop Daikin shop, since 1980. We provide the Daikin heat recovery ventilation unit (VAM) and all necessary components for a complete installation, and optional weather proofing if required.

“The site has been written in a non-technical manner for easy understanding for all home owners.”

Daikin’s ventilation systems are easy to install, cost little to run (as low as 60 watts), and are low maintenance.


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