A chilling read

Trox UK working in conjunction with SES have supplied a range of recessed and exposed chilled beams to the rebuilt Newcastle City Library, part of a £40m private finance initiative project.

The Trox active beams were flush mounted in the ceiling but due to space restrictions not all beams could be supplied with ducted fresh air so some were individually fan powered but still maintained the same visual appearance in the occupied zone.

There were also some special areas within the library referred to as ‘glass boxes’.  Here, the beams were visual from all sides and there was no false ceiling so Trox multi service chilled beams (MSCBs) were specified with the fan boxes. These had to be carefully engineered to meet both the design criteria from a performance point of view and the aesthetic criteria.

The challenge was to make the assembly aesthetically pleasing because it was exposed. Trox Design Bureau also had to ensure that the coanda effect was maintained and this was achieved by using more traditional MSCB faceplates with extended wings on both outer edges of the chilled beams.

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