A brighter solution

Mini-Lynx Fast-Start from Havells-Sylvania offers bright, flicker-free light within two seconds of switch-on and runs up to full light output in less than minute. Lamp life too has been hugely extended – its rated lamp-life is 10,000 hours, the equivalent of 10 years in domestic use or 3.5 years in commercial applications. The lamps are also extremely compact – from 104mm to 150mm long, depending on wattage – and will fit comfortably into most domestic light fixtures, so they can be used as direct replacements for inefficient tungsten lamps in virtually all applications.

Suitable for residential applications, as well as shops, restaurants, hotels, museums, schools and other public buildings, the new range can save up to 80% on energy bills, compared to its incandescent equivalents, while massively reducing the impact on the environment. In fact, Mini-Lynx Fast-Start lamps have an Energy Label Class A, which puts them in the highest category of energy-efficient light sources on the market.

Light quality is also very good, with a colour rendering capability of Ra 80 in a selection of three colour temperatures (a warm 2700K, a cool 4000K and a daylight-matching 6000K).


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