A breath of fresh air

Vaillant has unveiled its new recoVAIR heat recovery ventilation unit.  Designed with the class leading features and quality associated with all Vaillant products, the recoVAIR fully complements the existing range of market leading appliances currently available for UK domestic and commercial applications.
The recoVAIR offers maximum energy efficiency, as the unit is capable of recovering up to 95% of heat lost from exhaust air.  Running costs are kept low, due to the unit using DC speed controlled fans; these can be matched to the ventilation requirements, thereby reducing the need for wasteful and noisy duct dampers. 
There are two integral speed-controlled DC fans in each recoVAIR unit – one for the supply air and the second for extraction.  The airflows are managed so that each passes through the heat exchanger in a counter-flow way to transfer heat from the extracted air to the incoming fresh air supply.  This brings the temperature of the incoming fresh air close to room temperature, reducing the amount of additional heat -and energy- to match the temperature of the property to the requirements of the homeowner.

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