A breath of energy

Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new version of its popular Lossnay heat recovery ventilation system to set a new benchmark for advanced energy recovery products.  The Lossnay RX5 series, which is now available in the UK, helps maintain Mitsubishi Electric’s lead in the field of energy recovery ventilators. 

The nine new models available have a new Hyper Eco Lossnay core, unique to the manufacturer, offer the industry’s best total heat exchange efficiency.  Energy conservation performance has been improved not only by reducing the air conditioning load associated with ventilation, but also by facilitating higher levels of humidity penetration to avoid the air drying out.

“The microscopically small pores at the heart of Lossnay have been made even smaller, which shields unwanted gases such as ammonia and hydrogen, whilst aiding the transfer of moisture for improved energy efficiency,” explained Philip Ord, product marketing manager for the Air Conditioning Department.

Like all Lossnay, the RX5 can link with advanced, touch screen, centralised controllers, but new for this series is a remote controller that boosts energy conservation and performance even further. 




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