A 3-in-1 solution

Fluke has introduced the Fluke 922 Airflow Meter, a rugged tool designed to provide an easy-to-use solution for ventilation monitoring and diagnostics applications in the field. Combining differential air pressure, air velocity, and air flow measurements into a single meter, the Fluke 922 enables technicians to conveniently monitor air pressure across key HVAC components and to help maintain a comfortable environment by checking for optimum airflow balance.
The new Fluke 922 Airflow Meter is designed to diagnose ventilation issues. It enables optimisation of HVAC ventilation settings, the maintenance of correct pressurisation to keep out contaminants, and the monitoring of pressure drop across filters and coils to ensure peak airflow performance and extend equipment life. The Fluke 922 is suitable for use by facilities maintenance technicians, HVAC contractors and indoor air quality consultants for use in industrial complexes, commercial buildings as well as in institutions such as schools, hospitals, etc.

The Fluke 922 Airflow Meter is compatible with most Pitot tubes, and allows HVAC technicians to enter duct shape and dimensions to maximise measurement accuracy.

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