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  • Live web chat for Waterloo

    By BSEE on July 10, 2019
    Waterloo Air Products plc, leading UK manufacturers of ventilation grilles, diffusers, weather louvres and VAV systems, has added a live chat function for website visitors. Within the two-week initial trial, Waterloo’s live chat proved popular with customers, and now it is a firm fixture on the website www.waterloo.co.uk. The number of people using the service is increasing every day. Mark […]
  • Waterloo’s tech guide gets even better

    By BSEE on August 9, 2018
    The Green Book, the industry’s air diffusion technical guide, just got even better. With 26,000 hard copies and hundreds of downloads of the first edition in circulation, this popular guide has been an indispensable resource for the industry since 2011. Waterloo Air Products Plc, publishers of the 48-page second edition of the Green Book, has updated everything needed by HVAC […]

    By BSEE on June 13, 2018
    Cable cleats designed and developed in response to a maintenance problem that was causing Network Rail health and safety issues, have been installed for the very first time in the Wessex Rail Alliance’s Waterloo and Southwest upgrade project. The Ellis No Bolts cleat, from Ellis, is an all polymeric stackable product that is the first ever cable cleat to be […]

    By BSEE on July 25, 2017
    108 Cannon Street, a high-end office refurbishment in the City of London, is using air terminal devices from Waterloo Air Products Plc. Waterloo’s ability to deliver exceptional air flow while enhancing the building’s overall style, was crucial to the project’s success. The Cat A fit-out of 108 Cannon Street delivers 35,000 sq ft of office space over nine floors, complete […]
  • Waterloo delivers ‘VAV-VAV-VOOM’ through Variable Air Volume

    By BSEE on December 9, 2016
    These days, buildings are more intelligent. Today we expect automatic lighting to turn on and off to reduce wastage when nobody is in a room. Waterloo Air Products offers the ability to control air flow in the same way using Variable Air Volume (VAV) for long-term energy efficiency benefits. VAV monitors temperature and humidity and adjusts the air volume automatically […]
  • Aircell Polymer range from Waterloo gives flexibility for non-metal applications

    By BSEE on October 14, 2016
    The need for effective air movement in clean rooms or high-moisture environments is being met by Waterloo Air Products, UK manufacturers of advanced air movement devices, with its Aircell Polymer range of grilles and diffusers. While aluminium is commonly used for grilles and diffusers, certain locations require alternative materials to meet strict requirements for sterile working environments, or to remove […]
  • Waterloo’s standard range continues to grow

    By BSEE on August 15, 2016
    Waterloo Air Products, UK manufacturers of advanced air distribution and ventilation devices, is adding two more products to its standard range to grow its already huge range of air terminal devices that meet both engineering and architectural requirements. One of these products is the GC5-NS egg crate grille. The grille is manufactured with fresh thinking so that it not only […]
  • Waterloo’ security grilles satisfy the air distribution requirements for the prison service

    By BSEE on April 15, 2016
    Waterloo Air Products plc, the UK’s leading air distribution manufacturer offers a complete range of security grilles designed to meet the specific requirements of the prison and detention services. “Our security grilles combine high quality air distribution with aesthetics and they are fully compliant in environments where security and safety are paramount,” says Rick Edmondson, Chairman of Waterloo. The grilles […]
  • Waterloo launches free directory to ease air terminal selection

    By BSEE on September 30, 2015
      Waterloo Air Products plc’s latest product directory offers a compact easy to read guide for mechanical engineers, specifiers and architects. The Waterloo Product Directory is a free 160-page resource that provides comprehensive information on Waterloo’s standard product range. For those projects that require a specialised approach to architectural design, Waterloo offers complimentary tailor made solutions. Examples of these are […]
  • Toshiba Rolls Out Flammable Refrigerants Training for Air Conditioning Installers

    By BSEE on February 6, 2019
    Toshiba Air Conditioning has launched its Flammable Refrigerant Training Programme for installers, designed to ensure safe handling of R32 and other flammable refrigerants during installation, servicing and ongoing operation. It follows Toshiba’s announcement earlier this year that it was switching to R32 for use in split and multi-split air conditioning systems immediately, and for use in air-to-water heat pumps starting […]