60% cooling improvement

Knurr have operating data centre proven results, using their new CAC (Cold Aisle Containment) cabinet cold aisle cooling enhancement system, that show a 60% gain in cabinet cooling and energy efficiency. This dramatic improvement is achieved by the simple and highly cost-effective containment of cold aisles, with attendant improvement in cold airflow management. 
The Knurr CAC system is an easy-fit, modular addition to any existing mix of data centre cabinet runs. Knurr research engineers have determined that the simple expedient of containing and therefore better managing and maximising existing CRAC system cold aisle air throughput, gives dramatic gains from the existing cooling and energy systems. The level of improvement depending on the data centres existing operation.
By simply preventing the common and increasingly critical problem of short-circuited hot airflow returning directly back into the cold aisle, significant cooling and energy efficiencies are achieved. The Knurr CAC programme, offers a universal mix of fittings to readily provide a fully contained, attractive cold aisle solution, which includes; cold-aisle transparent top covers; double-door end of aisle, hinged/sliding options and a range of compensation panels to accommodate a varied mix of cabinet heights.
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