5 reasons for press fittings

In the past, installers traditionally relied on welding and brazing to make safe connections. While these are still common methods of installing piping systems in many countries, press fittings offer a number of advantages that often make them a better choice than welding or brazing. Press fittings are an excellent solution for joining pipes.

Saves time and money

With press fittings, connections can be made in a fraction of the time. In addition, much less training is required to operate the press tool compared to welding, brazing or soldering.

Tight connection

The operation of pressing tools varies but one thing always applies: the strength of the connections. As long as the pipe is correctly prepared, the connection is unbreakable and just as durable as a welded or soldered joint.

More flexibility 

As press fittings are available in copper, copper alloys such as CuSi, stainless steel and carbon steel, they work with practically any pipe system made of these materials.

Increased safety

Press fittings offer additional safety as no heat or (open) flames are required to make connections. This reduces the risk of injury during work on the construction site.

Quick repairs

Even if the pipe system is wet, press connections can still be made (caution with carbon steel!). This makes them well suited for use in many commercial and industrial installations. SANHA offers more than 8,500 articles for safe and hygienic piping systems up to dimension DN 150.


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