3 in one – combipress!

Press technology has made life a bit simpler for many installers. However, piping specialist SANHA goes yet another step further. Their metallic fittings are designed in such a way that they can be pressed with different jaws and slings with original V and M contours in addition to SANHA’s own contour.
This function is called “combipress” by the manufacturer. To be precise, it summarises three important advantages of using SANHA, all designed to make installations simpler.

  1. Tool compatibility:

This means that up to 54 mm all original press profiles SA, V or M can be used for metal systems. For MLCP pipes and fittings, TH, B, F, H and U can be used. The benefit here is obvious – installers can use their existing tools and be safe in the knowledge that the connection will work.

  1. Push and Stay:

This means that during assembly of the connection, the friction within the fitting sealing ring holds the pipe in place. This is especially important when making connections over-head or on risers, which would be difficult to hold in place whilst using a press tool.

  1. Leak path protected:

This practical function enables installers to detect simply if connections have been left un-pressed.

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