12-port solution to drainage challenges

Polypipe Building Services, the UK’s leading manufacturer and specialist in building services solutions, has added a new manifold to its Terrain drainage range designed to offer a solution to drainage challenges in large apartment buildings.

Polypipe’s new 12-port, low-level, manifold is also an efficient and effective solution for projects where each floor of a building requires multiple bathroom facilities, such as student halls of residence and hotels – with the capability to manage a whole floor’s volume of drainage.

The manifold has four top-entry and eight side-entry bosses – all supplied closed. They can be drilled out with a 48mm hole saw allowing 12 entries through the same manifold.

These bosses can all be either electrofusion or butt welded, and the internal baffle allows use of any connection and prevents any crossflow.

The manifold is manufactured in HDPE (to BS EN 1519) and can be used as part of an offsite pre-fabricated system with the Polypipe Advantage Service. With the Advantage Service Polypipe measures, cuts, assembles and pressure-tests drainage and water supply systems in factory-controlled conditions.

When the systems arrive on site the manifold is light in weight and – with a long spigot – it is also easy to install.

The manifold is available as part of the Terrain drainage range of products and systems for commercial building applications, which has been synonymous with the development of plastic commercial drainage systems for over 50 years.

For more solutions see https://www.polypipe.com/polypipeadvantage.

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