Toshiba introduces new range

Toshiba Air Conditioning (a division of Toshiba Carrier UK Limited) has introduced a new range of compact outdoor condensing units, designed to be easy to carry and install.

The Series 4 units are as much as 8kg lighter than previous models, representing a reduction of some 11%, a major advantage for installers transporting and installing the units. This enables units to be installed above one another, in a double-deck configuration, saving space in buildings and outdoor plant areas.


Much of the weight reduction has been made possible by the development of a new twin rotary DC compressor, which is lighter but more powerful than the one it replaces.


The new condensers offer night set-back operation, limiting sound during sensitive periods by up to 10dB(A), and a saver function that can suppress the upper limit power consumption between 50 to 100% in 1% increments, boosting efficiency.


Overall efficiency has been improved by up to 10%, depending on the model, with the SEER value for the 2hp unit raised from 5.89 to 6.14. Operational temperature range has been increased from 43 to 46ºC.