Maintenance & Refurbishment

  • Concerns rise over building owners’ attitude to life safety

    By Debbie Eales on September 12, 2017
    Research from life safety systems manufacturer, Hochiki Europe, suggests European installers are becoming increasingly concerned about their customers’ understanding of life safety systems and regulation. The survey, which questioned European installers, shed light on some worrying findings, including more than 60 per cent of respondents reporting that they visit a site where ‘the responsible person’ for fire safety is unknown […]
  • Sentinel Commercial Eliminate Limescale in Small Commercial Premises

    By BSEE on October 17, 2016
    The smallest device in Sentinel Commercial’s successful scientifically-proven limescale prevention range, the 22mm KalGUARD® system is ideal for light commercial premises such as restaurants, take-away outlets and car washes. Comprising a zinc anode unit, water meter and controller – with the latter pre-set to a 22mm commissioning mode – the 22mm device is a true ‘plug and play’ solution that […]
  • Growth in refurbishment contracts sees team changes and new appointment for United Living

    By Debbie Eales on July 29, 2016
    National Contractor United Living Group has appointed a new member of staff and reshuffled its southern refurbishments division based in Swanley, Kent, in response to the high volume of residential refurbishment contracts that are coming into the business. Over the past six months, contracts worth more than £ 25.5 million have been secured including a £4m refurbishment scheme for the […]
  • Keeping radiators fit for a king

    By Debbie Eales on March 24, 2015
    Visitors to Richard III’s final resting place will receive a warmer welcome after recent works to restore Leicester Cathedral’s heating system.   ADEY Professional Heating Solutions is taking the opportunity to highlight that, as with all heating systems, it will only remain ‘fit for a king’ if proper maintenance measures are put in place to ensure optimum performance.   The […]
  • ‘Poor staff communication’ a factor in swimming pool safety errors

    By Debbie Eales on August 20, 2014
    Swimming pool owners should include staff communications in their annual reviews of water safety, according to air and water services specialists Airmec. Different working patterns and practices mean that there is often little interface between poolside staff and the facilities managers and engineering teams. This can lead to mistaken assumptions about who does what and can increase the risk of […]
  • Silica Dust – much more than a nuisance!

    By Debbie Eales on June 3, 2014
    With silica related deaths rising year-on-year, dust is a serious issue. How can we look to tackle the issue? James Miller, MD at dust extraction specialists Dustcontrol UK explores the problem… Silica dust is a problem that suffers from a lack of recognition. Most us have know about the hazards of asbestos. But problems linked to silica dust suffer from […]
  • Make industry standards work for you

    By BSEE on December 2, 2013
    As an architect, specifier or installer you will be constantly receiving product information stating compliance to the various standards within the HVAC sector. Designed to give assurance that products meet specific performance criteria and are fit for purpose, they are used by manufacturers to endorse their products. However, unfortunately not all the claims made in relation to industry standards are […]
  • The perfect technology for solar panel inspection

    By BSEE on September 27, 2013
    Andrew Baker, UK and Ireland Sales Manager for Flir, explains why the use of thermal imaging is increasingly being used as a method of fault detection in the solar industry. With the UK’s commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 80% by 2050, it stands to reason that renewable energy systems will increasingly feature in our built environment. Solar […]
  • An engineered solution

    By BSEE on May 28, 2013
    With increasing energy bills forcing companies to keep a tight rein on costs, building services consultants are increasingly being asked to upgrade roof-based AC plant. However, as Dan Rushton, Commercial Manager at Big Foot Systems discovers, this task presents a host of challenges It seems that a week doesn’t go by at present without yet another story in the media […]