Industry Comment

  • BSRIA welcomes Obama’s Clean Power Plan speech

    By Debbie Eales on August 6, 2015
    BSRIA has welcomed the key messages in Obama’s ‘Clean Power Plan’ speech. The aim of the revised plan is to cut greenhouse gas emissions from US power stations by nearly a third within 15 years. Obama unveiled what he called ‘the biggest, most important step the USA has ever taken’ in tackling climate change. The measures will place significant emphasis […]
  • BSRIA chief responds to the Queen’s Speech

    By BSEE on May 29, 2015
    This Queen’s Speech is the first for two decades that reflects the aspirations of a Parliament with a Conservative majority. It contains proposals for Bills on energy, housing and apprenticeships. BSRIA’s Chief Executive Julia Evans gives her response on each Bill. Energy It was disappointing to see that energy and the environment were mentioned only twice in the Queen’s speech. […]
  • Taking control means taking full advantage of technology

    By Debbie Eales on December 8, 2014
    When it comes to upgrading lighting for improved energy efficiency, the light sources – and particularly LEDs – are often the ‘headline act’. However, specifiers should also be extolling the benefits of enhanced control to their clients, says Alec Fielding of Tridonic Over the last few years the latest generation of LED light sources and advanced drivers have made a […]
  • Non-domestic buildings must not be the ‘poor relation’

    By Debbie Eales on November 13, 2014
    “Non-domestic buildings must not be the poor relation if we are serious about tackling carbon emissions; they account for over a third of buildings emissions and around 13 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions overall,” says Ross Anderson, Director of the Industrial and Commercial Energy Association (ICOM). He made the comment following the publication of the Labour Party’s […]
  • Energy efficiency – global powerhouse, local challenge

    By BSEE on November 11, 2014
    By Steve Harrison, President of the Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) In October, the International Energy Agency (IEA) identified energy efficiency as the ‘invisible powerhouse’ that is improving energy security, lowering bills and helping to reach climate goals in many of the world’s most developed countries. For those involved in building services and building controls, the report is significant because […]
  • Is construction still a losing game for most women?

    By BSEE on August 20, 2014
    With so few women in the construction industry that the figure is “unmeasurable”, Julia Evans (pictured), Chief Executive of BSRIA, calls for a more inclusive approach… Cynics might cast a sceptical eye at the timing of the Cabinet reshuffle, but the fact that women are more prominent in politics is a cause for celebration. Women comprise 52% of Britain’s population, […]
  • CE marking is a ‘minefield’ for construction industry

    By Debbie Eales on April 30, 2014
    The UK’s construction industry and its supply base is walking a tightrope over CE markings for construction products, according to one of the industry’s leading suppliers. The warning, from Tarmac Building Products, is aimed at specifiers, contractors and local authorities who have a duty of care to ensure that all products used on construction projects conform to the new regulations, […]
  • Heating industry shake up

    By BSEE on April 1, 2014
    BEAMA Association Director Colin Timmins discusses the issues concerning regulations and energy labelling with regards to heating.   The installation of wet heating systems is due for a bit of a shake up next year when the long awaited EU Ecodesign and energy labelling regulations for space heaters and water heaters come into force. Or at least that’s the intention. […]
  • Level the playing field for domestic VO to join SAP

    By BSEE on April 1, 2014
    By Jeremy Dodge, Head of Marketing & Technical Services for Marshall-Tufflex Installing voltage optimisation systems in all UK homes would deliver annual energy savings of more than 10,000GWh, equivalent to 4.6MtCO2, putting many millions of pounds back into the pockets of hard-pressed householders.   Even if just 10% of the population adopted this approach the power, carbon and cash savings […]
  • Boiler refurbishment is good business sense

    By BSEE on April 1, 2014
    Darren Finley, National Sales Director for Ideal Commercial Boilers, explains why now is the perfect time for businesses to invest in energy saving building refurbishment, and how manufacturers of high efficiency appliances can use their knowledge of the industry to inform companies about the many financial benefits of installing modern condensing boilers.   Over recent months, there has been a […]